General Rules for VK6 Foxhunts:

1. Start point: Pioneer Women’s Memorial Fountain in Kings Park. (unless otherwise advised) See Starting Venue page.

Liaison Frequency VK6RLM 146.750MHz 2M repeater or VK6RTH 146.800MHz 2M repeater. (TBA in the week preceding the fox hunt)

2. The Fox must be no more than 50 kilometres from the Start Point and signal receiveable at the Start Point.

3. The Fox must not be placed on private property or more than 400 metres from a public road. Rationale: We don’t want anyone being accused of trespassing or giving AR a bad public interest. Second point; We don’t want the SES out searching for any missing fox hunters.

4. The Fox must be accessible to hunters traveling on foot.

5.  The Fox transmitter must not move. Note this does not necessarily apply to the antenna, but keep Rule 2 in mind.

6. Scoring formula: (Minutes taken to locate The Fox) multiplied by (Kilometres travelled).

EG: 80 mins to locate the fox multipled by 60 kms travelled = 480 points.

Works on the honour system. The lowest total wins. Winner gets to set the next fox.

Please remember we are doing this as a hobby and for fun. We aren’t playing for sheep stations and The Fox shouldn’t be set so that it can’t be found.  Play sensibly & safe!